Miss Julie

Antigravity Performance Project presents 

Miss Julie

Written by August Strindberg // Directed by Kym Moore

Featuring Martha Epstein, Xavier Markey-Smith, and Ava Langford

Set against Strindberg’s original backdrop of 19th-century Europe, Antigravity’s production reframes the iconic Julie as a powerful, yet tragic heroine. What happens to a woman who, bound by society’s rules and expectations, steps out of line?

Time’s Up

Time’s Up

Lead Artist: Kym Moore

2015 production at Brown University

String Theory, Viewpoints performance theory, and historical accounts taken from the 14th Century Witch Burnings in Europe, the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. and contemporary urban culture serve as the backdrop for an immersive, interactive performance-installation. Through live performance and projection technology, the Goddess guides us as we track Jason and Sienna, two characters on a journey that may impact the world at large should they succeed in recovering what had never really been lost.

Photos from 2015 iteration with work by Todd Winkler (Projections), John C. Hawthorne, Jing Xu, Lindsey Ford (Actor-Creators)

Legal Tender

An episodic duet of movement and poetry, Legal Tender takes audiences on a trance-induced travelogue to contemplate the relationships between information, consumer culture, labor, and borders. 

Lead Artist-Poet-Performer: Kyle Dacuyan

FringeArts’ High Pressure Fire Service Festival // April 2020

An initial iteration of Legal Tender played Ars Nova’s ANT Fest // June 2019


Lead Artist, Poetry, Performer-Creator: Kyle Dacuyan

Directors: Michael T. Williams & Francesca Montanile Lyons

Performer-Creator: Andalyn Young

Choreographer: Chelsea Murphy

Created by: Antigravity Performance Project

ANT Fest Photos by Danny Bristoll