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Dear Diary, LOL (summer 2017)

A theatrical diary of teenage proportions, Dear Diary, LOL takes as its charge staging the verbatim words from 13 year old American girls’ diaries in the early 2000s. Originally conceived under the title of This Song is for You as part of the Pig Iron School’s Dares Festival, Dear Diary, LOL seeks to give voice and shared meaning to the often hilarious, always tumultuous, struggles of America’s soon-to-be women.

Time’s Up

A media-movement-theatre exploration of love, history, reincarnation and the ties that bind. String Theory, Viewpoints performance theory, and historical accounts taken from the 14th Century Witch Burnings in Europe, The Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. and Contemporary urban culture serve as the backdrop for characters engaged in a karmic journey towards wholeness. Their journey may impact the world at large should they succeed in recovering what had never really been lost.


An overweight dance-theatre odyssey exploring the history of body size ideals in America and beyond. Fat Play looks at how and why we came to view overweight bodies as revolting, who led this charge, and the dangers of continuing to adhere to views of body beauty that ebb and flow like fashion trends. Featuring tubby bellies, fat suits, reality television personal trainers and Rock & Roll.