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Antigravity is an ensemble devising force.

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Antigravity Performance Project is a devising company with a creative aesthetic rooted in vibrant image, movement, music, and performance text.

Co-Artistic Directors

Kym Moore, Michael T. Williams, Francesca Montanile Lyons, Michael Costagliola (Resident Sound Designer/Composer)

Associate Artists

Kyle Dacuyan, Megan Thibodeaux, Alicia Crosby, Shanti Pillai, Marc Gomes, and Oona Curley

We develop, produce, design, and perform each other’s Lead Work, with the hat of Lead Artist rotating around the ensemble and to guest artists. The performance works we create do not seek to be tonally homogenous; each piece is radically different than the next. We create across genres and inside genre-collisions.

We make our works over long periods of time, guided by collective curiosity and rigorous investigation into socially-conscious subject matters including genocide in Latin America, mental illness and the construction of female “hysteria,” and adolescent girl sexuality.

We work with actor-creators, musicians, writers, poets, composers, dancers, educators, and visual artists that contribute to the evolution of our collaborative creative process.

*APP was formerly known as AntiGravity Theatre Project*

Image above from Antigravity’s ‘Do Eye Know You?’ Lead Artist: Kym Moore *In Development* A performance-installation collaboration with work by Brittany Bland, Kameron Neal, Candace Hunter, Michael Costagliola, Jasmine Lesane, and Natali Arco.

Antigravity stands with #BlackLivesMatter

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and protesters demonstrating for the humane treatment of Black peoples across the United States and the world. 

We are taking this moment as a performance company to reflect on how we can best contribute to the enactment of justice, towards a long-term re-imagining of human rights in our culture and a tomorrow where Black people are seen and valued as full, complex, and beloved human beings.

In the immediate and short term, as individuals, we are donating, calling, signing, protesting, and speaking up. We are not to be congratulated for doing what we must – standing up for human rights and liberation from oppression of all kinds. As one of our colleagues said, this is not about theatre right now. It’s not enough to make proclamations or post statements of solidarity. People need healing. We are still in search of how we can best contribute, but one thing we know with certainty is the value of spreading information on direct action.

In Philadelphia, we urge you to call on city leaders to prevent a massive $14 million budget increase for the the police and direct resources elsewhere ahead of a June 9th budget hearing:

In New York, we urge you to call your representatives and sign the following petition to repeal 50-a, a statute preventing transparency on records of police misconduct:

The Black Lives Matter movement is also accepting direct donations here:

We know that our actions and words must extend beyond this current moment, and will continue to reach out in any way we can to join hands across virtual space and cry out: NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

-Kym Moore, Michael T. Williams, Francesca Montanile, and Michael Costagliola

Co-Artistic Directors, Antigravity Performance Project – June 2020