Dear Diary LOL (2017/18)

New York City Tour and Encore:

Philadelphia Premiere:

  • Broad Street Review writes, “Antigravity achieves more than nostalgic fun-poking, exploring a uniquely turbulent time of life with brutal honesty.
  • Phindie writes, “The text is deliciously naive, sincere, and honest, delivered with joyful reference.
Nellie/Nellie (2014)
    • Broad Street Review praised the piece for its, “extraordinary physical performances” where the “fearless dance ensemble rolls, leaps, collides, contorts, and slams into the walls and pillars of the Broad Street Ministry’s sanctuary.”
  • Phindie noted Nellie/Nellie both for its “imagination and whimsy” and its ability to leave the audience with stimulating questions: “Is everyone just doing some kind of dance to keep their innermost thoughts from making them go mad? Are there any safe places when the mind is so deep and the depths so unknown?” The reviewer concludes with a “maddening desire to see what’s next for Antigravity.
Yermedea Raw (2012)
  • The New York Times noted Yermedea Raw for its “energizing and frightening…most haunting images.
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*APP was formerly known as AntiGravity Theatre Project*


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